10 Amazing Benefits of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass juice is something you either love or hate! There’s no two ways about this juice, which comes from a plant that is quite literally a type of grass. However, unlike regular grass, there are a lot of health benefits of wheatgrass.

For example, did you know that an ounce of wheatgrass is supposed to contain the same nutritional value as up to one kilogram of leafy greens? That means there’s a lot of great stuff in each cup of wheatgrass juice!

Benefits of Wheatgrass juice:

  • Contains very high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and live enzymes.
  • Wheatgrass is easy to grow.
  • Suitable for those on a gluten-free diet.
  • Excellent provider of proteins required for cell regeneration and renowned for it’s healing properties.
  • Just 2 ounces of juice provides the same nourishment as up to 4 pounds of fresh, green vegetables.
  • Helps to maintain healthy digestion, purify and build the blood, and is an excellent all round detoxifier.
  • Wonderfully energizing and very useful for helping in times of increased stress or illness.

1. Weight Loss:

In the U.S. and in many parts of the world, most people are either overweight or even obese. So in all likelihood, you’ll need to lose weight and wheatgrass can help. That’s because it has selenium that you need to keep your thyroid gland healthy. Since your thyroid gland is one of the parts your body uses to manage your weight, you’ll want to keep it in top shape with a glass of wheatgrass in the morning.

Wheatgrass is also so full of nutrients that you don’t get deficiencies that can lead to food cravings. So a glass of the juice in the morning can actually keep you from eating too much for the rest of the day.

2. Better Digestion:

If you’re often going through indigestion or heartburn, then this juice may just be the ticket. It has fiber and B-complex vitamins, and these nutrients improve how the muscles in your digestive system work. You have riboflavin that maintains the lining of your digestive tract, as well as thiamine that assists in the conversion of carbs into energy.

3. Anti-Aging:

Wheatgrass juice is rich in antioxidants which fight against the free-radicals that accelerate the aging process. It can promote youthfulness as the high magnesium content in chlorophyll builds enzymes that restore both male and female sex hormones.

4. Boosts Your Immune System:

Wheatgrass is a living food, which can help the body fight off infection. Being highly anti-bacterial, wheatgrass juice helps to alkalise and detoxify the lymph and blood cells, allowing the body to rebuild and carry toxins out of the body quickly and effectively.

5. Cleansing the Liver:

Most people drink wheatgrass juice as a detoxifying agent, as one of the top wheatgrass juice benefits is the plant’s ability to flush toxins from your body.

The high fiber content of the juice bonds with toxins, making it impossible for your body to absorb them and thus forces them to be eliminated. Wheatgrass is also excellent for stimulating liver function, and it can help your liver to get rid of toxins on its own.

6. Fighting Cancer:

Wheatgrass juice was originally discovered in the search for a cure for cancer, and it has proven to be one of the most popular cancer-prevention remedies. The juice is loaded with chlorophyll, which is effective at purifying the blood of toxins, chemicals, carcinogens, and free radicals.

The wheatgrass juice can also ensure that your blood carries enough oxygen, and oxygenated blood is essential for cancer prevention (cancer thrives in an environment with low oxygen levels).

7. Fight Depression:

A 2008 study in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry addressed an all-important topic often overlooked by nutritional science: while we often tout the benefits of different foods for physical health, foods can also benefit mental health, and not just when it comes to your mood.

The study showed that keeping iron levels balanced is crucial for those suffering from depression, and the iron in wheatgrass is one way to contribute to this.

8. Improves Fertility:

Drinking wheatgrass juice is an excellent way to enhance your sex drive and libido. Not only does the juice give you a lot of energy, but it will help to boost your circulation.

Healthy blood flow to the various sexual organs increases your stamina and vitality, and will increase the production of reproductive hormones. Improving blood flow to your genitals is the key to healthy sexual activity and fertility.

9. Treats Skin Diseases:

Wheatgrass is known to treat several types of diseases and conditions associated with the skin, including eczema, psoriasis, and sunburns. It can also treat acne and skin wounds by quickly regenerating skin cells. You can rub a frozen wheatgrass juice cube across scars or damaged skin, or dab the affected area using a cotton ball dipped in wheatgrass juice, and let it sit for about five minutes before rinsing and drying the area.

10. Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels:

Wheatgrass was shown to be a powerful anti-hyperglycemic agent in a 2016 study in Toxicology and Industrial Health.

The study showed that wheatgrass could be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes or other hyperglycemic issues. This makes it a fitting supplement for those with diabetes or who are trying to reduce blood sugar levels.

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