Make your very own all natural eye cream with oils that will nourish and moisturize the skin under the eyes thus reducing dark circles and fine lines.

To make your own natural eye cream, you will need:

  • Pure Coconut oil ā€“ Moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles.
  • Pure Sweet almond oil ā€“ lightens the skin.
  • 100% Vitamin E Oil or Vitamin E capsules- rich in anti oxidants, helps to lighten the skin and reduce fine lines.

To Use:

  • Fill your jar with equal quantity of coconut oil,almond oil and vitamin e oil/capsules to the container.
  • Mix it all up, use a clean que tip or cotton ball to apply it under the eyes and massage gently every night before bed.
  • The homemade eye cream works great on puffy eyes, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.
  • Be careful not to get the oil inside your eyes or near the tear duct which may irritate your eyes. Store it in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

Essential oil Anti Aging Eye Serum:

Essential oils along with carrier oils like almond oil or coconut oil makes an excellent natural eye serum as they contain powerful antioxidant that help to keep your skin nourished, hydrated and moisturized.

Dilute 2 drops of essential oil such as lavender oil or lemon oil to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil or almond oil and a tsp of pure vitamin e oil. Pat a thin layer under the eyes. Essential oils helps to treat wrinkles and fine lines under eyes and also reduce dark circles.

Warning: Be careful to avoid contact with eyes and also do a patch test to check if your allergic to
any of the essential oils.

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