Wrapped Ginger – Removes Mucus From Your Lungs In One Night And Cures Bad Cough

It is very difficult it is to get through the day with a cough. When you had it constantly you would not be able to fall asleep. Small children are the ones that are influenced by it and that is due to their weak immune system.

When you do have it, you go to the doctor and they prescribe you a cough syrup. People believe this is the best solution. That can cause many side-effects and create complications.

Some negative effects of this are migraine , headache and sleeplessness. Dextromethorphan and codeine are the two ingredients in the syrup.

You can use natural ingredients to treat a cough as well. Use honey for instance. Combine ginger wrap and honey. Let’s check it out.


The Ingredients:

  • napkins
  • adhesive tape
  • gause
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger or ginger powder
  • raw honey
  • olive oil
  • flour


Mix the honey and flour. After that put some olive oil and then the ginger. You should take the mixture that you have and put it on a napkin and then wrap a gauze around it. Fix it on your chest with adhesive tape.

When you are preparing this for a child, the kid needs to hold the wrap for 3 hours before bed. On the other hand adults can hold it overnight. Important know is that ginger wrap will make you sweat more than usual.

Ginger wrap not have negative effects, you need to prepare it carefully for the kids due to their sensitive skin.

Rachel Lim’s Story

Rachel tried this with her kid and it worked. But she used tin foil. Also she added coconut oil instead of olive oil, and added the ginger too.

Her kid always coughed at night, 2-3 hours before bed. She got some amazing results when she put it on the baby. The baby does not cough at all anymore. The ginger wrap worked in 4 hours only!

Honey and ginger are beneficial and people must be more aware of what they can do for you!

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